Hello, I'm Faith Finnigan and I'm an illustrator and designer specializing in logo and brand identity.
I have been designing for over 15 years. The first half of my design career was working for the CDC in Atlanta and Lockheed Martin in Washington DC. After almost 10 years at Lockheed I decided to pursue my dream of self employment. Ever since 2013 I have been working for myself doing freelance for companies all around the world and pro-bono work for local churches and charities. 
I grew up mostly in South Carolina and Georgia. I graduated with a BA in graphic design from the Art Institute of Atlanta. 
I come from a very religious and hard working home. My father is an ordained baptist minister and a brilliant carpenter and my mother is super woman. Together they instilled in me lots of discipline, love, creativity, laughter and all things good. They made me who I am today and I love them dearly!
My husband and daughter are the best part of me. They give me the most inspiration and i am crazy in love with them! I also love Jesus, coffee, dogs, family, music, books, history, facts, the fall season, and well lots of things... I am pretty enthusiastic about life in general!
If you are starting a company or have an existing one and would like a new logo or rebranding I would love to work with you. There is something so rewarding about helping someone's dream of a company come to life through the creation of their brand. 
Pacific Northwest, USA 

Thank you!
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